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Your Just-In-Time Healthcare Staffing Solution

LabMinds Staffing and Recruiting is a full-service healthcare staffing company based in Bakersfield, CA. It was founded by Van and Catherine Bonjoc who are both Clinical Lab Scientist by profession. They are dedicated to finding highly skilled healthcare professionals to U.S hospitals with critical staffing needs.

Consequently, they aim to connect qualified candidates to employers that is a right fit for them and their valuable skills set and capabilities. Their professional experience has made them realize how important adequate and competent staffing are in the continuum of providing quality patient care and services. 


To be a global partner of choice in providing healthcare facilities
with their critical staffing needs

Mission to Clients

To provide fast full-service staffing solutions to healthcare facilities with critical staffing need thus creating healthy communities.

Mission to Candidates

High-tech, high-touch personalized recruitment approach and create positive candidate experience in the job hiring and processing.

Together with their Team and Partners, their passion to help and serve goes beyond what their individual careers has called them to do.

Core Values

We are a full-service healthcare staffing solutions

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LabMinds Staffing and Recruiting is a just-in-time full-service healthcare staffing solutions dedicated to finding highly- skilled medical professionals for US hospitals and other overseas facilities in need.

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