Why Work as a Traveling Medical Technologist?

Thinking of being a Travel Medical Technologist?
Skilled medical technologists are hard to come by and the overall employment is projected to increase 13% from 2016-2026 (faster than the average for all occupations). Which is why the demand for traveling medical technologists is on the rise to fill in these much needed jobs.

What is a travel medical technologist, you may ask. 
A travel medical technologist is one who is hired to work in a specific location for a certain amount of time and travels to another area where his expertise is needed; hence the term travel. A travel medtech works at least 13 week periods in certain areas and then moves around the state or even the country for the next assignment.

Traveling MedTech

Benefits of Working as a Traveling Med Tech

Opportunity to explore new place.
One of the best things of being a travel tech is that you get to explore a new place while getting paid. It may be a daunting task to not be able to settle in one area but this is a dream come true for the traveler at heart! Imagine living your dream of traveling across the country rent-free! You can choose a job that can whisk you away to sunny Florida during the cold winter months and then move back to picturesque Maine during the summer or you might prefer surfing the azure blue Pacific waves of California during your free time.

Opportunity to pay student loans fast or start a life savings.
Traveling medical technologists not only get the opportunity to explore a new place from time to time, but they also receive very competitive pay and benefits! Their salary is more than that of a full-time, permanent staff, and they also receive great benefits such as health insurance, retirement, paid housing and reimbursement for travel costs. Since the company pays for most of the living expenses, traveling med techs can save almost everything they make in order to start a nice nest egg or wipe out all college debt.

What is there not to love about being a traveling medical technologist?

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  1. Marfas Marakankadavu Parambu

    I am a MedTech with 10 years of core lab experience. At present I am working as Technical Specialist (Laboratory) in New York with a valid MedTech license by New York State DOH. I hold 2 ASCP certification. I am an international with H1b Visa. I am looking for traveler Med tech opportunities if you can offer me a work visa. Thank you

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