Why Choose LabMinds Staffing & Recruiting?

We are a national & international medical staffing agency efficiently meeting hospital needs and career goals with highly competitive, personalized practices.

Saving Time & Money

LabMinds saves precious resources with a large pool of qualified candidates.

National & International Recruiting
LabMinds is the United States’s only local and overseas healthcare staffing agency. International candidates come from anywhere, but we especially focus on the Philippines.
One Focus
LabMinds focuses solely on Medical Technologist (MTs) and Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLSs). Maintaining one specialty means clients get staffing and recruiting solutions quickly and candidates get great assignments.

Guaranteeing Quality

LabMinds clients only receive skilled recruits; we ensure that candidates are matched with the right jobs.

Comprehensive Screening
LabMinds values our clients’ and candidates’ experience, which is why we conduct a Candidate Assessment Evaluation — the first in the medical laboratory staffing market. This process ensures fully qualified candidates for clients and a good fit for our recruits.
ASCP-Certified Recruiters
All our recruiters are MT’s or CLS’s certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, they know a good fit when they see it.

Going the Extra Mile

LabMinds personalized approach ensures every working arrangement benefits the client and candidate.

Laboratory Assessments
LabMinds interviews each client’s Laboratory Manager to determine their lab’s technical specifications, work culture, and staffing needs. Every candidate is provided a laboratory and instrumentations assessment to determine their ideal working conditions.
Candidate Reports
LabMinds clients never have to take our word for the quality of a candidate. We send each client a Candidate Assessment Report detailing each prospect’s specialties and qualifications.
Professional Guidance
LabMinds recruits — whether international or national — never start a job blind. Our highly experienced, ASCP-certified recruiters are always available to provide guidance.

Filling Your Lab’s Openings? Advancing Your Career?