Welcome to LabMinds Staffing & Recruiting

We are a U.S. based medical staffing agency dedicated to acquiring quality Medical Technologists (MTs) & Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLSs).

Our Services

We offer a complete Medical Technologist staffing & recruiting solution to achieve laboratory goals in a cost-effective and time-efficient process. Our services are meant for Permanent and Temporary Clinical Lab Scientist (CLS) / Medical Technologist (MT) positions and include:

Our thorough Career Assessment Evaluation helps us understand our clients' skills and goals, and so we place them in positions where they can build connections and ultimately accelerate their careers.
H1B Sponsorship
Our team facilitates the processing of the necessary legal paperworks to be in compliance with USCIS for H1B Sponsorship and POEA for Philippine based candidates/professionals.
US & Overseas Recruiting
LabMinds is the United States’s only local and overseas healthcare staffing agency. International candidates come from anywhere, but we especially focus on the Philippines.

Why Choose LabMinds

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Great Recruits

Every recruit is assessed by MTs and CLSs certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Clients get quality candidates, and recruits get quality guidance.

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Ideal Fit

Candidates get a clear picture of where they work best with a thorough evaluation; clients receive candidate reports to review their options.

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Large Selection

Clients never worry about shortages, and applicants come from anywhere — including the Philippines. Our healthcare recruiting services extend nationally and internationally.

What LabMinds Does For Clients & Candidates

Personalized Approach
Our ASCP-certified recruiters speak with lab managers to assure the right fit for the client and candidate.
Long-Term Employment
Approved international candidates receive work visas — up to 3 years — and every client gets a competent, reliable employee.
Timely Recruiting
We focus solely on recruiting MTs and CLSs, which means our clients receive the right candidate quickly.
Cost-Effective Recruiting
Recruiting overseas and at home means competitive rates and career opportunities for skilled Medical Technologists and Clinical Laboratory Scientists.